Creative branding through inclusive UX design.

My philosophy as a Brand Experience Designer focuses on opportunities to engage and interact with audiences.
In my designs, inclusivity is both a strategy and a goal, and I consider it at every stage of the creative process.
I use color accessibility, skin tone palettes, disability representation, and font legibility in my design storytelling to maximize connectivity and accessibility. 
"Kelsey consistently delivers. Whether it's strategy or execution, they're able to meet the moment and exceed expectations. Every piece of creative that emerges from the studio bears the stamp of their genius. NEI's creative department has been elevated by their thoughtful, purposeful work."
Jesse Bussey, Managing Director, Creative Lead At HudsonLake 
Former Art Director at the Nuclear Energy Institute
People's Experiences Working with Me 
" Working with Kelsey was a blast! They have an amazing ability to push creative limits while not losing sight of the bigger picture. There strong work ethic and willingness to try new things always showed in their work. Any organization would be lucky to have Kelsey on their team."

George Bartz, Designer, Developer, Digital Strategy Lead
"Kelsey is an absolute joy to work with and an ideal creative partner. Their dedication to collaboration makes the end product not just satisfactory, but truly impactful. I know that my deliverable is in good hands when I come to Kelsey with an early-stage idea for a creative asset."

Kayley Deaton, Digital Communications Manager 
" I've had the pleasure of working with Kelsey. I was impressed with Kelsey’s ability to learn quickly and contribute from day one. And, of course, their enthusiasm for design and their positive attitude would be an asset for any graphics position. I wholeheartedly extend my recommendation."

Laura Johnson,
Color and Design Consultant 
" I had the pleasure of working alongside Kelsey in our User Experience Design course at General Assembly. Kelsey consistently produced beautiful interfaces while keeping them efficient and accessible to all audiences. Not only is Kelsey a talented designer, but they are an amazing person to work with. I highly recommend any team looking for an empathetic and skilled designer to work with them!"

David Kacinski, UX Designer
“Kelsey’s creativity elevates every project they work on. Their UX skills allow what they create to connect seamlessly to the rest of the project and meet audiences where they are. They are also such a force of positivity and a team player!"

Emma Derr, Senior Communications Associate
"Collaborating with Kelsey in my previous role was truly enjoyable; their consistent openness to new ideas and direct, positive approach brought a refreshing energy to every task we tackled together."

Deanne Clark, Visual Designer
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